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…a labor of love for Mantell-Seidel…They are a winsome, fresh faced lot with notable expansiveness of the upper body…the dancer's buoyancy and velvety use of their shoulders and arms was especially apparent in the early Duncan works…
-The Washington Post
DanceArts Foundation, Inc. and Eleanor King Trust

DanceArts Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization formed on August 7, 1989 to support, produce, and promote dance and artistic events related to the historic preservation and presentation of modern dance classics; cross-cultural dance events; contemporary; interdisciplinary dance and arts events; and scholarly and educational programs. DanceArts also serves as the non-profit umbrella for the Eleanor King Trust, formed to preserve and promote the work of pioneer modern dance choreographer Eleanor King. The Trust was originally founded in response to the highly successful Eleanor King Retrospective Project directed by Dr. Andrea Mantell-Seidel. The Retrospective Project consisted of a New York concert produced by Annabelle Gamson/Dance solos and the publication of a book edited by Nicole Plett, Eleanor King: Sixty Years in American Dance. The King Trust's future plans include the production of a documentary on King's life and work. In 1990, under the auspices of DanceArts Foundation, Mantell-Seidel formed the Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble, comprised of a fifth generation of young dancers to perpetuate Isadora's legacy of solo and group dances.

Modern Dance History

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ELEANOR KING (1906-1991)
Eleanor King, a pioneer modern dancer and soloist with the Humphrey-Weidman Company during the early years of modern dance, had a career as a dancer and choreographer that spanned six decades. In the early 1930's, King began to choreograph with the "Little Group," a cooperative venture with José Limon, Ernestine Stodelle and Letitia Ide. In 1937 she choreographed the large scale work, Icaro, withJack Cole as Icarus. She was a professor for 19 years at the University of Arkansas where she developed her Theatre of the Imagination. Her repertory of more than one hundred dances was inspired by her lifelong study of the dances of other cultures. King received two Fulbrights (1967, 1976) and a Vogelstein Foundation grant (1976) for study of traditional dance and drama in Japan, Korea, Bali, Sri Lanka and Burma. In 1978, King's book, Transformations: The Humphrey-Weidman Era, was published and she completed the manuscript entitled The Way of Japanese Dance.

ISADORA DUNCAN (1878-1927)
Isadora Duncan, the matriarch of the modern dances, great artistry and revolutionary life captured the world's imagination at the turn of the century. Seeking liberation of the body, mind, and soul through movement, Isadora dared to dance with bare feet, arms, and legs in diaphanous silk tunics modeled after the ancient Greeks. She liberated the body from the unnatural constraints of the corsets, tutus, toe shoes, and rigid postures of the early 20th century ballet and defied the social and moral conventions of her day.

Dr. Joann Kealiihonomoku: Executive Director, Cross-Cultural Dance Resources
Daniel Lewis: Treasurer, Dean, New World School of the Arts Dance Division
Nicole Plett: Dance Critic, New York Times, New Jersey Bureau
Dr. Andrea Mantell-Seidel: Executive Director
Dr. Tasha Mansfield: President, Medical Psychologist
Daniel Lewis: Treasurer, Dean, New World School of the Arts Dance Division
Bambi Anderson: Faculty, New World School of the Arts Dance Division
Randi Cameon: Program Evaluator for the Arts

For individuals or companies interested in restaging King repertory, please email For resource materials on Eleanor King, visit Cross-Cultural Dance Resources, Inc. ( or the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dance Collection (

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